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Slovene Translation Services

Brisbane Translation Services provides certified Slovene Translation Services in Australia.

For your document translations, simply email us a copy of your original documents for a free quote. We will reply to your email with payment instructions, as well as the estimated time for completion. We can also provide a price for urgent Slovenian translations.

Slovene Translations

  • Slovene birth certificate
  • Slovene marriage certificate
  • Slovene name change certificate
  • Slovene degree certificate
  • Slovene academic transcripts
  • Slovenepayslips
  • Slovene bank statements
  • Slovene legal contracts
  • Slovene <> English brochures
  • Legal translation services

Get certified Slovene translation services for immigration, academic accreditation and visa application purposes in Australia. Documents we translate include Slovene technical reports, legal documents, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, payslips, degree translation, police clearance letter translation, bank statement translation and company annual report translations.

NAATI Accredited Slovenian Translator

Slovene Translation ServicesWe are able to provide quality translations for both small personal documents (<10 pages) and large volume legal and financial documents. Brisbane translation services provides affordable and professional Slovene translation services for the community in Brisbane and Queensland Australia.


We provide both Slovene to English translation and English to Slovene translation.

Like all Slavic languages, Slovene traces its roots to the same proto-Slavic group of languages that produced Old Church Slavonic. The earliest known examples of a distinct, written Slovene dialect are from the Freising Manuscripts, known in Slovene as BriĹžinski spomeniki. The consensus estimate of their date of origin is between 972 and 1093 (most likely before 1000). These religious writings are among the oldest surviving manuscripts in any Slavic language.

The Freising Manuscripts are a record of a proto-Slovene language that was spoken in a much larger territory than modern Slovene, which included most of the present-day Austrian states of Carinthia and Styria, as well as East Tyrol, the Val Pusteria in South Tyrol, and some areas of Upper and Lower Austria. By the 15th century, most of the northern areas were gradually Germanized: the northern border of the Slovene-speaking territory stabilized on the line going from north of Klagenfurt to south of Villach and east of Hermagor in Carinthia, while in Styria it was pretty much identical with the current Austrian-Slovenian border. This linguistic border remained almost unchanged until the late 19th century, when a second process of Germanization took place, mostly in Carinthia. Between the 9th and 12th century, proto-Slovene spread into northern Istria and in the areas around Trieste.

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Driver's License Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Death Certificate University Certificate Police Check

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