How do I start?

Send your documents required for translation to our email –, for a quote, time estimate for delivery and payment instructions by credit card. Please indicate the source and target language for translation.

How fast?

Translations for documents with less than 4 pages usually take 2-3 working days.

How do I get the translations?

You will get the electronic copy of the translation for preview first, before we post the hard copy to your preferred mailing address (if hard copy is required).

Daily capacity

For large projects or urgent projects, we are able to team up with translators from Sydney and Melbourne to increase our daily capacity (3K-15K words per day depending on language).

Our full-time staff and combined experience of more than 10 years ensures big projects, as well as projects involving multiple languages gets delivered smoothly on time.

NAATI certified translations

Brisbane Translation Services provides certified translations which contain the translators’ (NAATI) stamp, attestation of accuracy statement and signature.

Translate documents in over 80 languages